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2023 Childbirth Class Series-

Plano Birth Place (Sat & Sun)

Allen Midwifery (Tues & Fri)

Bundleborn (Sun) 

Jan 8 - Feb 19, 1-3:30pm - Stacy

Jan 10 - Feb 21, 7-9:30pm - Shelly

Feb 4 - Mar 18, 2-4:30pm - Ryley

March 19 - Apr 30, 1-3:30pm - Stacy

March 21- May 2, 7-9:30pm - Shelly

Apr 8 - May 20, 2-4:30pm - Ryley

May 28 - July 9, 1-3:30pm - Stacy

May 30 - July 11, 7-9:30pm - Shelly

June 10 - July 22, 2-4:30pm - Ryley

June 23 - Aug 4, 7-9:30pm - Caitlin

Aug 13 - Sept 24, 1-3:30pm - Stacy

Aug 13- Sept 24, 4:30 -7pm- Shelly

Aug 15 - Sept 26, 7-9:30pm - Shelly

Aug 19 - Sept 30, 2-4:30pm - Ryley

Sep 1 - Oct 13, 7-9:30pm - Caitlin

Oct 22 - Dec 3, 1-3:30pm - Stacy

Oct 22 - Dec 3, 4:30- 7pm - Shelly

Oct 24 - Dec 5, 7-9:30pm - Shelly

Oct 21 - Dec 2, 2-4:30pm - Ryley

Oct 21-  Dec 2, 9:30am-12pm - Caitlin

Childbirth Education:

Our goal at Birthing... Naturally is to excel at empowering and educating families to have a natural birth experience with mother-baby friendly evidence-based care.  Families will find our childbirth classes and doula services are designed to do just that.  Your classes will not only provide you with evidence-based information, but you will gain an understanding of the labor process, hone relaxation techniques, master comfort measures, and learn how to provide labor support no matter your chosen birthing venue.  Classes run 7 weeks, and we encourage families to sign up for classes that end at least 1-2 weeks prior to their estimated due date.  If you have questions or concerns on dates we are happy to visit with you.


Classes are taught by experienced instructors that will work closely with your family to prepare for a positive natural birth experience.  Shelly and Stacy are certified Bradley Method Educators and are trained in Spinning Babies.  Ryley and Caitlin join us as CBI certified instructors.

Refresher Classes:  

Families that have gone through childbirth education with a previous pregnancy and would like to focus on preparing for the arrival of their newest family member, our Refresher Classes are just for you!  We will review labor stages, comfort measures, relaxation techniques, and explore what you loved in your last birth (or didn't) and help you plan for a positive experience with your upcoming birth.  These classes are Saturday mornings and run approximately 3 hours.  

2023 Refresher Class Dates

Jan 14th          March 11th 

May 13th        July 15th

Sept 16th        Nov 11th


Refresher classes held at Allen Midwifery & Plano Birthplace

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